Creation and Management of benefit services for you and your valued employees

You work hard to attract, hire, and keep quality employees. Superior health benefits increase loyalty and employee satisfaction. 
Keeping the cost low takes a professional team. 

We help you navigate the maze.


  • Analyze current plan design, cost, and features
  • Design and help implement customized program
  • Annual review of plan status with emphasis on keeping costs low
  • Local representation and contact for help with any issues

*Products - Group or Individual

  • Affordable Heathcare Programs On and off the Marketplace
  • Medicare Supplements
  • Products: H.S.A. -Health Saving accounts
  • PPO- Preferred Provider Option
  • POS- Point of Service
  • HMO Health Management Option
  • Select HMO- Open Access Health Management Option
  • HDHP- High Deductible Health Plan
  • Dental & Vision
  • Group LIfe, disability, and Long-term Care Insurance

*Not sold through MassMutual